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Claire Nicki

"Loves to be treated like a woman in Love"

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  • Member Type: Gold PLUS Member
  • Age: 47
  • Location: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Orientation: Trans-Lesbian (Non-Op M2F )
  • Listed As: Girl (M2F)
  • Looking For: Couples, Friends, Genetic Female (GG), Girls (MtoF), Groups
  • Last Active: Feb 23rd, 2018
  • Joined: Apr 1st, 2011

About Me

I am a woman trapped in a male body.
At age 22 I was ready to start transition. Love for a woman changed these plans for a long time I tried to be the husband, guy, girl.

I have finally accepted that I am a woman and have been living as a woman since March 3rd 2011. Since then there have been many changes on how I feel or act.

I still take on the character of the husband/employee/... when required.
Inside I am always true to my feminine side.

I try to live my feminine side as much as possible without negative impact on my social and professional life.

Happy to chat with anybody. Sorry but I am not interested in Guy's or an adventure.

Update 2013 April
I am now officially a woman at home and to family. not FT yet.
Hormone therapy is scheduled to start September 2nd
My loving wife is sticking with me and we figure this out as we go along

Update 2013 July
I have come out at work to our CEO there is no problem with me going through this as work. They are fully supportive.
Hair removal is starting to show benefits.

Update August 19. Changed my name to Claire which will be my first name from now on

Update September 16 I have now been on T blockers for 2 weeks and estrogen for 4 day's.

2015 august 4. I am now legally a woman and need to update all my documents

I did make some space in here for the upcoming changes.

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  • Anielle P Cherte
    Anielle P Cherte 3/16/2017 02:35 I hope you are doing well, my Swiss/German sister!
  • Anielle P Cherte
    Anielle P Cherte 3/16/2017 02:35 I hope you are doing well, my Swiss/German sister!
  • Ashley Houston
    Ashley Houston 3/01/2017 03:33 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • Lynne Love
    Lynne Love 3/01/2017 02:02 happy birthday xoxoxoxoo
  • Melanie Bowman
    Melanie Bowman 3/01/2017 00:37 Claire Happy Birthday to a very very special and beautiful lady. That is Beauty that starts on the inside and flows all the way out for all to see. I hope that your day is filled with a lot of happiness and joy and the you have a lot of fun. Hugs Melanie
  • Anielle P Cherte
    Anielle P Cherte 12/13/2016 12:08 It is almost New Years again! Can you believe how time flies?
  • Sherri-Lynn T
    Sherri-Lynn T 10/09/2016 18:42 *hug*
  • Joanne Pare
    Joanne Pare 3/01/2016 14:11 My Dearest Claire, On this special occasion, I want to wish you a Wonderful Day! You are Beautiful and Gorgeous! Such a Feminine and Classy Woman! I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a HAPPY VALENTINE DAY! XOXOXO
  • Lynne Love
    Lynne Love 3/01/2016 08:03 happy birthday xoxoox
  • Deidra Dee
    Deidra Dee 3/01/2016 02:42 Hi Claire, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!My dear friend, hope you have a wonderful birthday and may the joy and happiness of your special day, follow you for the coming year.Hugs XXXX, Deidra

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