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Vani T

"Be thankful for what you get, and grateful you dont get what you deserve."

  • Member Type: Silver Member
  • Location: Roanoke, VA, United States
  • Orientation: (Prefer Not to Say) (Non-Op M2F )
  • Listed As: Friend, Girl (M2F)
  • Looking For: Admirers, Friends
  • Last Active: Jul 22nd, 2019
  • Joined: May 19th, 2013

About Me

I like big hats, cool shades, pretty flowers, and margaritas. I may also like chihuahuas and chinese noodles, but I'm leaving that to your discretion :P
I'll save the story of my life for my close friends, no hard feelings.
Speaking of friends, Jenny's my best pal and she's awesome.

On a controversial note, I can't stand identity politics and people stuck in their victimhood boxes. I'm no fan of lobbies, mainstream media, and political correctness. Doesn't mean I wear a MAGA hat tho.
Feel free to disagree ...freedom of speech is still okay in my book!

Geek Tip: If you want to leave a comment on any Guest Book, don't include the apostrophe sign (') within the text or your comment will be deleted. It's a weird bug that never got fixed. Just refresh the page after leaving your comment to see if it sticks or not. Cheers!

My Best Friends

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  • Luscious Lisa Lips
    Luscious Lisa Lips 7/22/2019 13:48 The only reason for my avoiding Chix is, that 95 % of the gurls are from across the pond---ie Atlantic Ocean; other than that it is an OK site.And truffles would be an English term, would it not? Just asking, lol.kisses, Lisa
  • Luscious Lisa Lips
    Luscious Lisa Lips 7/22/2019 02:37 This site is so much more preferred my dear Lady, and hopefullywe can expand from here?? Lisa is off to work shortly, and shall return around 5 ish this evening---EDT.....have a beautiful day for yourself.kiss, kiss, Lisa
  • Luscious Lisa Lips
    Luscious Lisa Lips 7/17/2019 03:46 Good morning pretty lady, Lisa is intoxicated with you, your fashionable dressing, your delightful personality.....and I do have to leave for work in mere moments......returning around 5ish EDT......kiss, kiss, Lisa
  • Holli
    Holli 7/08/2019 12:11 And how is Lady Vani these days?
  • Luscious Lisa Lips
    Luscious Lisa Lips 7/07/2019 03:32 Thank you for those kind words darling, and yes I do enjoy a wide variety of feminine finery.......kiss, kiss, Lisa
  • Luscious Lisa Lips
    Luscious Lisa Lips 7/03/2019 13:31 You are just so adorable darling, and I love your new profile picture too!!! Congrats on your being such a loving, lady.....kisslets, Lisa
  • Aleese
    Aleese 6/27/2019 09:01 It was nice seeing you in chat today. hugz
  • Anielle P Cherte
    Anielle P Cherte 6/26/2019 09:01 and bigger boobs?
  • Colleen
    Colleen 6/26/2019 08:44 You are sooooo pretty!
  • Mikew
    Mikew 6/26/2019 05:33 smoking hot is all i can say

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