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Carla K Roberts

  • Member Type: Silver Member
  • Age: 68
  • Location: , NE, United States
  • Orientation: Trans-Lesbian (Non-Op M2F )
  • Listed As: Couple
  • Looking For: Friends
  • Last Active: Jun 11th, 2018
  • Joined: Sep 1st, 2013

About Me

I have questioned the gender identity assigned at birth as long as I can remember, dressing en-femme as often as possible has given me enjoyment, relief from stress, and the opportunity to present to the world the persona I see as the real me. I originally intended to fully transition through surgery, but I don't see this as a necessary to being who I am.
I am a MTF trans-lesbian interested in hearing from other like-minded Trans/CD's, etc, but no men.
I am very fortunate to be married to a beautiful and accepting genetic female with whom I have much fun as Carla.
Love getting to know others girls for friendships and learning about experiences. I'm not much into the bar scene, but would enjoy meeting for coffee or dinner.

My Best Friends

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  • Francine
    Francine 9/23/2017 07:45 Hi Carla. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good day~ Francine
  • vicki m
    vicki m 8/31/2017 10:45 ha girl just want to say high
  • vicki m
    vicki m 8/27/2017 16:29 OMG Yes Yes we must chat
  • Eliza
    Eliza 8/15/2017 18:00 Hi Carla, like to say Happy Birthday
  • Kelly
    Kelly 8/02/2017 14:41 You have such a wonderful look.
  • Wilemina Andrea Satin
    Wilemina Andrea Satin 8/02/2017 10:54 Carla thanks for the visit!Hugs,Andrea
  • Melanie Bowman
    Melanie Bowman 8/01/2017 23:41 Carla you are so very welcome. glad you had a wonderful day. Yes shopping is so much fun. Glad you were able to get something nice for your birthday, Stay Young and Very Beautiful Hugs Melanie
  • Lynne Love 8/01/2017 07:00 happy birthday xoxooxox
  • Ashley Houston
    Ashley Houston 8/01/2017 02:51 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • Melanie Bowman
    Melanie Bowman 7/31/2017 22:45 Carla Happy Birthday to a very very special and beautiful lady. That is Beauty that starts on the inside and flows all the way out for all to see. I hope that your day is filled with a lot of happiness and joy and the you have a lot of fun. Hugs Melanie

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