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Rachelle Marie Walker

"Make each day better than how you found it, no matter how small that is!"

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Rachelle Marie Walker
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  • Member Type: Gold PLUS Member
  • Age: 53
  • Location: Lake Park, GA, United States
  • Orientation: Straight (Post-Op M2F )
  • Listed As:
  • Looking For: Friends
  • Last Active: May 24th, 2018
  • Joined: Dec 10th, 2013

About Me

I've been here long enough to know how the game is played and just not interested in doing so. I come here to make friends and to be of any help to those who question their own gender identity and feel the need to do something about it.
I have fully transitioned, meaning I have had GRS/SRS, as of October 24, 2016. It is not for everyone. While I will never recommend a transition to anyone, if you have determined on your own that you need to do so, I will be one of your supporters.
I am college educated and have a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications and striving for additional educational enrichment in the field of Computer Sciences. I say this to rid the notion that just because I live in a rural area, you don't automatically assume I am a hick and stupid.
You may ask me any legitimate questions about my transition and I will be happy to answer, but don't do so for your own kicks. I don't wear labels like 'trans' because I don't feel I need to. I have known most of my life who I was and finally made the adjustments to bring everything into focus. I am a woman, period.
I understand the need to express oneself, whether you are a CD or TV or simply an admirer, but please don't ask me about clothes, what I am wearing, tell me what you are wearing, or approach me with some lame line about being 'hot', 'pretty', 'gorgeous', or one about needing some sort of sexual release. You will be thoroughly ignored. Talk to me as a person first.

My Best Friends

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  • Cully Cully
    Cully Cully 4/13/2018 05:05 Wonderful profile and your words are well stated.
  • Branwen Guinevere Welch 4/12/2018 05:45 Like your attitude and admire your bravery. I feel I am just beginning my journey without a map and compass. Loving it though.
  • Laurie
    Laurie 4/03/2018 16:54 Lovely profile! xox Laurie
  • Francesca Amelia
    Francesca Amelia 3/04/2018 19:26 Hi Rachelle, thank you for looking in on my life. I hope you are doing well! Francesca
  • bob
    bob 2/11/2018 06:24 A lovely woman
  • Kristine Fox
    Kristine Fox 2/02/2018 06:20 Hi Rachelle I hope your doing well :-)
  • marcus 1/26/2018 13:37 Hi Rachelle, happy belated new year to you...i have you in my prayers that this year 2018, be one fabulous one, after all you are a fabulous woman and friend!
  • Michelle C.
    Michelle C. 1/23/2018 07:45 Happy Birthday Rachelle
  • Juliet Lewis
    Juliet Lewis 1/23/2018 05:36 Happy birthday, sweetie!
  • Ashley Houston
    Ashley Houston 1/23/2018 03:51 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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