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Jennifer Anne Carron

  • Member Type: Gold PLUS Member
  • Age: 42
  • Location: North Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Orientation: Pansexual (Non-Op M2F )
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  • Looking For: Friends
  • Last Active: May 24th, 2017
  • Joined: Sep 13th, 2015

About Me

Thanks for visiting!! I'm very approachable and friendly... and so NOT into that 'attitude' thing! I'm lucky enough to be one of the online chat moderators at URNA. Please feel free to say hi!

So um, going on 14 years transgendered! (yay!) It's had its ups and downsies

About me..

I like to find beauty and good in everything. There really is a silver lining. Even in tragedy, I have seen some good happen.

I find that I am very sentimental, an emotion that I appreciate being returned to me. But I will be the first to admit, it takes me a little while for me to take down my walls. I take great efforts to care for myself and my body, if you feel good on the inside you feel great all over right?

I would like to offer my support to anyone who would like it, anyone across the LGBTCQ spectrum or anywhere else. These waters can be invariably rough.

I am a business professional with university credentials. I have a very respectable administrative job with my own house, two cars. Not that possessions have any value, but not bad for a 42 year old tranny!

When I want to do something fun, I look for something adventurous and exotic, somewhere where I can just turn off the worries of the world and take in life. As for music, I am a focused listener with an ear for something new. I like my music loud and thumpin! Despite my commitment to a healthy lifestyle, I have my vices! I love cheeseburgers.. always have and always will!! But nothing beats chilling with my friends and enjoying a cold beer (it loosens the tongue and shoulders). When it comes to love, recently, I am still trying to figure that one out...

I have found many wonderful men and women here on URNA, and I cannot thank you enough. I've even let a few touch my heart, let them into the 'inner sanctum' that I often keep closed off. Take care and have fun! Please feel free to leave me

My Best Friends

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  • Mikew
    Mikew 5/24/2017 08:50 hiya, how goes it?
  • Sherri-Lynn T
    Sherri-Lynn T 5/09/2017 21:44 *hug*
  • Malana Elise Summers
    Malana Elise Summers 4/17/2017 12:21 the fridge, huh???
  • Kelly Kirk Delaney
    Kelly Kirk Delaney 4/08/2017 15:14 Hey Nice profile you have, hope your having a great weekend. OXOXOXOX You Go Girl
  • Kimberly Hirschel
    Kimberly Hirschel 4/08/2017 03:48 Hi Jennifer. Thanks for visiting my profile. I am doing well and hope you have a great weekend! :-)
  • Janelle  Stephens
    Janelle Stephens 3/29/2017 09:13 Thank you for viewing my profileHugsJanelle
  • samanthacd
    samanthacd 3/14/2017 19:58 love your profile baby kiss kiss
  • Michele M Jillian
    Michele M Jillian 3/14/2017 18:44 Jennifer, Hope all is well with You and Yours, Have Fun, B well......Mj
  • jamey grey
    jamey grey 3/11/2017 08:52 Good Morning Beautiful Ms Sunshine, Love ya!!!!
  • jamey grey
    jamey grey 2/25/2017 21:58 Love you Sweetie. I miss you//0

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