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About Me

I overheard my brother trying to explain me to one of my nephew’s (20 year old) at my mother’s funeral yesterday, brought a tear to my eyes.

He said … “she was born with all the nerve endings, all the chromosomes, and all the neural pathways to the brain that is required to be female, just in a cruel twist of fate she was born with a male appendage. The family think of her as a much loved sister and daughter, and always have”.

I am as female as I am ever going to be, without hormones, without surgery, without breast implants (I grew my girls naturally). I am non-functional and perfectly happy to be that way, that part of me has become surplus to requirement.

I was on the waiting list to have SRS, but I developed a life-threatening condition in 2001 which meant the full op was no longer possible to have. I could have had it fashioned into a twat to have my birth records changed, but it would have been without a vagina, that part of the op was just too dangerous for me to have.

But there was a law change in New Zealand in 2008, which meant surgery was no longer required to have your birth records amended, so that is the option I went for, I became legally female on the 3rd of August 2016.

I'm not interested in being anyone’s online bit of skirt, because I am already dating a really lovely man (in the real world), who fully accepts me as I am, I couldn’t be happier, he means the world to me.

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