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Veronica Smith

"Whatever it takes..."


  • Member Type: Silver Member
  • Age: 34 (Birthday this month)
  • Location: Orlando, FL, United States
  • Orientation: Pansexual (Genetic Male )
  • Listed As: Adult Model, Girl (M2F), Performer
  • Looking For: Admirers, Couples, Friends, Genetic Female (GG), Girls (MtoF), Models, Performers
  • Last Active: Apr 25th, 2018
  • Joined: Jan 25th, 2018

About Me

My name is Veronica Smith. I'm returning to this site after a while. I'll be transitioning from male to female, eventually. I'm looking for friends to get together with, and go out with. I have experience with performing in drag shows, and adult modeling, and am open to doing these again with professionals *ONLY*. That being said, thank you for checking out my profile, and I look forward to making good friends (and maybe more...) on here.

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  • Dee
    Dee 4/26/2018 02:57 Happy Birthday Veronica
  • Ashley Houston
    Ashley Houston 4/26/2018 02:50 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • Melanie Bowman
    Melanie Bowman 4/25/2018 21:56 Veronica Happy Birthday to a very very special and beautiful lady. That is Beauty that starts on the inside and flows all the way out for all to see. I hope that your day is filled with a lot of happiness and joy and the you have a lot of fun. Hugs Melanie
  • Donna Brewster
    Donna Brewster 4/07/2018 21:43 i always do. love living in Florida
  • Donna Brewster
    Donna Brewster 4/06/2018 21:45 Hi Veronica
  • Melanie Bowman
    Melanie Bowman 4/03/2018 23:20 Veronica Welcome to a very special and beautiful Lady. It is so nice to have you here. You do the smile part very well. Hugs Melanie
  • Nessa
    Nessa 4/03/2018 05:26 Love the new photo Veronica.
  • debbieanne
    debbieanne 3/26/2018 03:25 hi. veronica... thank you for the friend request. the path of our sisterhood is very lonely. i know that i lost absolutely everything and everyone. now i wander from room to room to couch to parking lot to tenting site ... no direction home ... i come on this site hoping for human connection
  • lisa
    lisa 2/15/2018 18:14 Thanls for the complements, Hope you find a place to stay, and be you!Try TSDating site lots a good girls possibly to hook upkeep in touchLisa
  • Nessa
    Nessa 1/31/2018 20:27 Welcome back Veronica. Good luck with housing search, I hope you find something soon.Vanessa

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