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Charlotte Renee Storey

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Charlotte Renee Storey
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  • Member Type: Silver Member
  • Age: 48
  • Location: Atlanta, GA, United States
  • Orientation: Pansexual (Pre-Op M2F )
  • Listed As: Girl (M2F)
  • Looking For: Admirers, Couples, Friends, Genetic Female (GG), Girls (MtoF), Groups
  • Last Active: Apr 12th, 2019
  • Joined: Mar 31st, 2019

About Me

I enjoy life more and more each day, more and more with every challenge. No matter the obstacle in my (or anyone’s) actual life, life inevitably flows forward, and we continue to wistfully float along its winding path; adjusting and learning as we proceed. I am amazed at how different I see myself, and my possibilities over the last twelve years. Reset the clock by twelve to fifteen years, and I would never have tested my feminine side (though I longed to do so). Move ahead a few years, and I found myself exploring through dress. A few more years, terrifying ventures into the public, exposing my feminine side. Years afterwards, the comfort of being involved in so many wonderful events, outings, friendships, etc. Years of accepting who I am, making being who I am so much easier and attainable. Yet, always the belief that “this is it, no further is possible”. Married, kids, career which would not understand/accept, etc. August of 2017, I finally understood who I was, a warm, caring, gender-fluid (bi-gender) person who was going to risk one additional step. I added HRT to my regime (hormone therapy). Almost two years into it (this is spring 2019, adjusting dosage, under medical care, as I have travelled along), there are definitive changes. Softer skin, lighter hair, more feminine body fat redistribution, overall more feminine “look”, absolute/100% improvement to mental state (happiness, calmness, lack of temper, general positive outlook, etc.), oh…and pretty much C cup breasts----getting really hard to hide. So who am I?

I am a gender fluid person living in Georgia (middle/central part), born of the male sex. I started exploring my feminine side around 2007. I have an agreeable duality to who I am rather than a dysphoria (well, maybe it is a blended dysphoria). I am not in conflict or agreement with my actual sex. Gender-wise I embrace/enjoy/love both of my genders. One of them just happens to bette

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  • Diane Smith
    Diane Smith 4/11/2019 23:26 You look great, and I admire your honest and heartfelt profile. - Diane
  • Marina
    Marina 4/03/2019 20:41 Welcome to URNotAlone. Looking great, my best to you on your journey.
  • Kristine Fox
    Kristine Fox 4/03/2019 03:28 I love your profile! So pretty thank you for sharing "Hugs"
  • Melanie Bowman
    Melanie Bowman 4/02/2019 23:25 Charlotte Welcome to a very special and beautiful Lady. It is so nice to have you here. You do the smile part very well. Hugs Melanie

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