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About Me

I am now off double secret probation due to new ownership.

Republican transgenders baffle me. Why would you vote for a political party that despises you

I am a tree hugging liberal living in California.

The new administration has started in disaster and will not improve.

Paul Ryan is the most evil human on earth

When you elect a clown you get a circus that is my simple assessment of the Trump administration.

if you are going to bitch about taxes tell me what part of the military budget you think needs to be cut

in my mind Roger Maris, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron own the home run records in baseball

talk to me as you would a lady and I shall be respectful in return

Republicans want to remove and replace the Health care law without saying what will replace it with. they say "trust us" yea right.

3 truths about war

#1 war is always more expensive then reported
#2 war always lasts longer then expected
#3 war always has unintended negative consequences to all parties involved

Governments job that conservatives do not believe it can do

* Educate its children and teenagers.
* Build its roads, bridges, superhighways and airports and high speed rail
* Establish regulatory bodies to minimize financial busts.
* Develop sanitation and water systems and health care standards.
* Support those who are temporarily unemployed.
* Provide a public pension to the elderly and a subsidy to the poor.

why vote for somebody that believes government can't work?
if you don't vote you are part of the problem
hows that "drill baby drill" workin' out for ya?
thanks BP and Halliburt

Democrats need

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